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CrichtonSun joins forces with ICM Partners

Los Angeles (January 14th, 2015) -- THE LIBRARY OF MICHAEL CRICHTON is one of the most important sources of intellectual property in the world. Now, the majority of the titles among Crichton's prolific body of work will be represented by ICM Partners. The agency will work closely with Sherri Crichton and licensees of rights licensed in Michael Crichton's work to broaden the reach of his stories, worlds and characters across all media.

One of the most popular writers of all time, Crichton's books have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. His works have been translated into 38 languages, and made into 13 feature films. Crichton's novels include JURASSIC PARK, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, EATERS OF THE DEAD, CONGO, SPHERE, RISING SUN, DISCLOSURE, THE LOST WORLD, AIRFRAME, TIMELINE, PREY, NEXT, STATE OF FEAR and the posthumously published PIRATE LATITUDES and MICRO.

Crichton was also prolific as a writer, director and producer of film and television. He was the creator and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning television drama ER, wrote and directed films including WESTWORLD, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY and COMA and was the screenwriter of JURASSIC PARK and RISING SUN, among others.

The rich environment created by Crichton lives on in Universal's upcoming 3D adventure film, JURASSIC WORLD, starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, the fourth installment in the JURASSIC PARK film series. Crichton's 1973 sci-fi film, WESTWORLD, also inspired the upcoming series of the same name starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and Rodrigo Santoro, which is set to debut on HBO later this year.

Crichton became the only creative artist in history to have works simultaneously chart at No. 1 in U.S. television, film and books sales.

A primary focus of the agency will be the exploration of Crichton's heretofore unknown and unpublished works as well as the exploitation of books and other material that have not yet been brought to the screen, large or small.


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