Eaters of the Dead is based on which famous story?
Praise be to God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Lord of the Two Worlds, and blessing and peace upon the Prince of Prophets, our Lord and Master Muhammad, whom God bless and preserve with abiding and continuing peace and blessings until the Day of the Faith!

This is the book of Ahmad ibn-Fadlan, ibn-al-Abbas, ibn-Rasid, ibn-Hammad, a client of Muhammad ibi-Sulayman, the ambassador from al-Muqtadir to the King of the Saqaliba, in which he recounts what he saw in the land of the Turks, the Hazars, the Saqilba, the Baskirs, the Rus, and the Northmen, of the histories of their kings and the way they act in many affairs of their life.

-- Eaters of the Dead
The story behind this novel appears in an essay in the paperback edition. The short version is, I wrote EATERS on a bet that I could make an entertaining story out of "Beowulf." It's an unusual book. Readers either like it, or they don't. I'm quite pleased with the movie ("13th Warrior"), which I think captures the feeling of the novel very well.

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