From Congo:
"The computer's picking the fastest route. You see it just identified a timeline that will get us on-site in six days eighteen hours and fifty-one minutes. Now it's trying to beat that time."

Elliot had to smile. The idea of a computer predicting to the minute when they would reach their Congo location seemed ludicrous to him. But Ross was totally serious.

As they watched, the computer clock shifted to 5 days 22 hours 24 minutes.

"Better," Ross said, nodding. "But still not very good." She pressed another rkey and the lines shifted, stretching like rubber bands over the African continent. "This is the consortium route," she said, "based on our assumptions about the expedition. They're going in big - thirty or more people, a full-scale undertaking. And they don't know the exact location of the city; at least, we don't think they know. But they have a substantial start on us, at least twelve hours, since their aircraft is already forming up in Nairobi."

The clock registered total elapsed time: 5 days 09 hours 19 minutes. Then she pressed a button marked DATE and it shifted to 06 21 0814. "According to this, the consortium will reach the Congo site a little after eight o'clock in the morning on June 21."