Published in 2013
by Hard Case Crime
Published in 2013
by Open Road Media

"My feeling about the Lange books is that my competition is in-flight movies, " said Crichton. "One can read the books in an hour and a half, and be more satisfactorily amused than watching Doris Day. I write them fast and the reader reads them fast and I get things off my back." - Michael Crichton (Interview from Israel Shenker, 1969)

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Author Created Pen Name While at Harvard Medical School

New York, NY; London, UK (August 12, 2013) - Long before he wrote Jurassic Park, before he scripted blockbuster movies like Twister, before he created the groundbreaking TV series ER, Michael Crichton was an honors student at Harvard Medical School - and writing paperback suspense novels on the side, under the top-secret pen name "John Lange." Lange wrote eight books between 1966 and 1972 ... and then vanished. The books became unavailable for decades; hardcore collectors would sometimes pay hundreds of dollars for used copies.

Then, forty years after "John Lange" was born, Michael Crichton chose Hard Case Crime to bring him back, personally re-editing two of the Lange books, even writing new chapters for one of them - all still under the cloak of the Lange identity. The project was interrupted by the author's unexpected death in 2008 from cancer, just months after the second revived Lange novel returned to bookstores.

Now Hard Case Crime is proud to announce it will bring all of John Lange's work back into print for the first time in decades - and the first time ever under Michael Crichton's real name. Scheduled for publication in October/November 2013, featuring gorgeous painted cover art by Gregory Manchess and Glen Orbik, the eight John Lange novels are:

    ODDS ON (1966): The perfect heist, planned by computer, in a luxury hotel off the coast of Spain.

    SCRATCH ONE (1967): On the French Riviera, a case of mistaken identity could cost an American lawyer his life when a group of international assassins confuse him for the secret agent sent to take them down.

    EASY GO (1968): Can an Egyptologist and his band of thieves find a lost tomb buried for centuries in the desert - and get away with its treasure?

    ZERO COOL (1969): An American doctor vacationing in Europe gets caught between rival criminal gangs who both demand his help to find a legendary gem.

    THE VENOM BUSINESS (1970): An expert on venomous snakes and smuggler of rare artifacts accepts an assignment working as a bodyguard to a man everyone wants dead.

    DRUG OF CHOICE (1970): Bioengineers at a secret island resort promise pleasures beyond imagination - but what's the secret behind the strange drug they've created?

    GRAVE DESCEND (1970): A diver in Jamaica, hired to search the wreck of a sunken yacht, uncovers secrets deeper and darker than the waters in which the ship rests.

    BINARY (1972): A terrorist mastermind and a federal agent wage a battle of wits and of nerve when the villain plots to unleash poison gas on San Diego, killing one million people…including the President of the United States.

"Michael was one of the most imaginative and talented suspense writers who ever lived," said Hard Case Crime founder and editor Charles Ardai, who worked closely with Crichton on editing the Lange books. "These early novels show his ingenuity and creativity at full blast and they read like a rocket. I defy anyone who picks up one of these books to put it down unfinished."

The books are also being offered in e-book editions (without the Manchess and Orbik cover art) by Open Road Integrated Media.

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Open Road Integrated Media Announces Michael Crichton's "The Med School Years"

Open Road To Digitally Publish, Distribute, and Market Ten Ebooks Written During Crichton's Med School Years under the Pen Names John Lange, Jeffery Hudson, and Michael Douglas Titles All Appearing for the First Time in E, Including the Edgar Award-Winning A Case of Need, Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a "Superb, Big Book"

(New York-May 30th, 2013) -- Open Road Integrated Media, a digital publisher and multimedia content company, announced today at BookExpo America that it will digitally publish and market ebooks by Michael Crichton, written pseudonymously during his years at Harvard Medical School.

The books written under the pen names John Lange and Jeffery Hudson are high-octane novels of suspense and action, written with remarkable speed and gusto. And Dealing or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues, written with his brother Douglas Crichton under the pen name Michael Douglas, is an entertaining caper that the New York Times called "slick and cool and savvy."

"These early Michael Crichton novels foreshadow the talent that made him one of the most successful novelists of his time. I was fortunate enough to work with him for more than thirty years. What a joy it is to bring the young Michael Crichton to life for his millions of fans and to introduce him to a generation that has not as yet discovered him," says Jane Friedman, Co-founder and CEO of Open Road.

Crichton graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College and went on to earn his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1969. His first novel, Odds On, was followed by seven more John Lange novels over a period of six years.

Open Road will publish the following titles on July 23rd, 2013:

Writing as John Lange:
  • Odds On
  • Scratch One
  • Easy Go
  • The Venom Business
  • Zero Cool
  • Drug of Choice
  • Grave Descend
  • Binary

    Writing as Jeffery Hudson:
  • A Case of Need

    Writing as Michael Douglas:
  • Dealing or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues

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