Published in 1995
by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
Published in 1996
by Ballantine Books
Published in 2001
by Random House

The sequel to Jurassic Park.

The Lost World was the only sequel Michael had ever written, and he saw it as a challenge. The title was of course a reference to Arthur Conan Doyle, whose 1912 novel told of explorers visiting a remote plateau to confront dinosaurs. Michael borrowed another trick from Conan Doyle's sequels —he brought a character back to life. Conan Doyle resuscitated Sherlock Holmes, even though he fell to his death at the Reichenbach Falls; Michael brought back Ian Malcolm, a favorite of readers and filmgoers.

Subsequently Michael wrote an introduction to a re-issue of Conan Doyle's original novel. He used the opportunity to explore how Conan Doyle had made the concept of dinosaurs persuasive, and how he had overcome various difficulties in the narrative.

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