From Airframe:
"Now, because Reardon has almost no information at his disposal, his chief skill is manipulating the information you give him. Reardon has the reputation as a hatchet man, but if you watch how he behaves, he's actually a one-trick performer. And this is his trick. He gets you to agree with a series of statements, soyou are nodding, yes, yes - and then he hits you with something out of left field. Reardon's done that his whole life. It's amazing people haven't caught on.

"He'll say, You're a woman. Yes. You live in California. Yes. You have a good job. Yes. You enjoy life. Yes So why did you steal the money? And you've been nodding along, and suddenly you get flustered, you're off balance - and he's got a reaction he can use."

"Remember, all he wants is that one-sentence reaction. If he doesn't get it, he double-back, and ask the question another way. He may return to the subject again and again. If he keeps raising a particular topic, you'll know he hasn't gotten what he wants."