Original Premiere Date: September 19, 1994
Final Episode: April 2, 2009

Life in an urban hospital, and the personal and professional issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its emergency room.

Why do you think ER has become such a critical and popular hit?

I think ER is a little more realistic than TV had been in recent years.. I think people recognize problems and situations they know about the show. And they respond to that. I also think that on the level of pure entertainment, it is extremely will done and consistently of high quality.

How involved are you with the weekly production of ER?

I was very involved in the first two years of the show. But as an editor/producer, not as a writer. I felt it was important to let the other writers take over the show, since as a practical matter, I simply couldn't---I didn't have time. In more recent years, I have just been an an enthusiastic audience member. I admire it a lot.

You have said that the ER project floated around in Hollywood in the 70's and nobody was interested in it. Why do you think that was?

For all the reasons it became a hit: it was too fast paced, too technically realistic, too focused on the doctors not the patients, too chaotic in story lines, etc. What was interesting about it was that it was not the same old thing. And that's what made networks reluctant to do it.

Have you ever made a character in one of your novels represent yourself?

They all represent me, in a way. And they all don't represent me, in a way. But I was aware of the Noah Wyle character in ER, and the Anthony Edwards character in ER, being close to me because they were close to my life experiences.

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