Original Premiere Date: September 19, 1994
Final Episode: April 2, 2009

Life in an urban hospital, and the personal and professional issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its emergency room.

Note From Michael
In 1974, I had just finished directing my first movie, "Westworld," which was a science fiction story about a theme park with robots. For my next project I wanted to do something completely different.

I wrote a documentary-style movie about what happened during 24 hours in an emergency room. I thought the screenplay was terrific, but nobody would make the movie, finding it too technical, too chaotic and too fast-moving. It sat on the shelf for the next nineteen years-brought out every five or ten years, for updating, and for the studios and networks to look at, and reject yet again.

Finally NBC made it as a TV pilot. And then it became a series.

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