The tyrannosaur stood again, the car sprang back up, and Thorne saw thick white paste smeared across the hood. The tyrannosaur immediately moved away, heading down the game trail, disappearing into the jungle.

Behind them, they saw it emerge into the open again, stalk across the open compound. It lumbered behind the convenience store, passed between two of the cottages, and then disappeared from sight again.

Thorne glanced at Eddie, who jerked his head toward Malcolm. Malcolm had not turned to watch the departing tyrannosaur. He was still staring forward, his body tense. "Ian?" Thorne said. He touched him on the shoulder.

Malcolm said, "Is he gone?"

"Yes. He's gone."

Ian Malcolm's body relaxed, his shoulders dropping. He exhaled slowly. His head sagged to his chest. He took a deep breath, and raised his head again. "You've go to admit," he said. "You don't see that everyday."

-- The Lost World
So you think you know everything there is to know about Jurassic Park & The Lost World? Well, let's see if you do.
First, we need your name:

1. Ian Malcolm is an expert in which scientific theory?

2. Jurassic Park was built on a small island near which country?
Costa Rica

3. Where did Hammond get the DNA to make the dinosaurs?
Dinosaur bones
Blood in prehistoric mosquitoes

4. Which type of dinosaurs turn out to be even more ferocious than the T-Rex in Jurassic Park?

5. What is the name of the island to which Malcolm returns in The Lost World?
JP 2
Site B
Isle Ilsa

6. What is the name of John Hammond's company?

7. What was wrong with the baby T-Rex in The Lost World?
It was starving
It had a broken leg
It was caught in a trap

8. What did Ellie Sattler do for a living in Jurassic Park?
She was a computer technicial
She was a paleontologist
She was a botanist

I have heard from the listings of used booksellers that the JP Autographed Gift Edition was actually signed by Autopen. Is this true? Yes. It caused quite a lot of commotion at the time. I don't think anybody really thought it through, or we wouldn't have done it. (But of course, someday the autopen signature will be more valuable than the real one. Just wait.)

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