So you think you know everything there is to know about E.R.? Well, let's see if you do.
First, we need your name:

1. What was the name of the doctor that Nurse Carol Hathaway left at the altar?
Dr. Romano
Dr. Taglieri
Dr. Cvetic

2. Doug Ross saves a young boy who was trapped where?
In an ice pond
In a storm drain
In a well

3. How many seasons has E.R. been on the air?

4. In the very first episode, which of the main characters attempted suicide?
Doug Ross
Mark Greene
Carol Hathaway

5. The E.R. staff was busy celebrating which holiday when Lucy Knight and John Carter were attacked by a mentally ill patient?
Valentine's Day
Fourth of July

6. What are the names of Doug and Carol's twins?
Jack and Brandon
Kelly and Sarah
Kate and Tess

7. Which of the E.R. doctors finally convince Carter to enter rehab?
Dr. Anspaugh
Dr. Weaver
Dr. Benton

8. What is the name of Dr. Susan Lewis' troubled sister?

9. What country is Dr. Luka Kovac from?

10. Where did Doug Ross move to when he left the E.R.?
Los Angeles
New York

Why do you think ER has become such a critical and popular hit? I think ER is a little more realistic than TV had been in recent years.. I think people recognize problems and situations they know about the show. And they respond to that. I also think that on the level of pure entertainment, it is extremely will done and consistently of high quality.

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