Now the night was fully black, and the warriors of Buliwyf awaited the coming of the dragon Korgon. All eyes were turned towards the hills, now lost in the midst of night. Buliwyf himself strode the length of the fortifications, carrying his great sword Runding, speaking low words of encouragement to his warriors. All waited quietly, save one, the lieutenant Ecthgow. This Ecthgow is a mast of the hand axe; he had set up a sturdy post of wood some distance from him, and he practiced the throw of his hand axe to this wooded post, over and again. Indeed, many hand axes had been give him; I counted five or six clipped to his board belt, and others in his hands, and scattered on the ground around him.

-- Eaters of the Dead
So you think you know everything there is to know about Eaters of the Dead? Well, let's see if you do.
First, we need your name:

1. Eaters of the Dead is based on what famous story?
Dante's Inferno

2. Who was the star of the movie version of the book?
Antonio Banderas
Dustin Hoffman
Sam Neill

3. John McTiernan, the director of The 13th Warrior, was the director of two movies from which popular action franchise?
James Bond
Die Hard

4. What is the name of the main character of the story?
Ibn Fadlan

5. The story takes place in what year?
922 A.D.
1922 A.D.
1654 A.D.

6. What nationality is Ibn Fadlan?

7. What nationality is Builwyf?

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