Published in 1993 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
397 pages.

Published in 1994 by Ballantine Books
494 pages.

High-tech company executive, Tom Sanders, expects a promotion following DigiCom's merger with a publishing house. Instead, his ex-girlfriend, Meredith Johnson, is offered the position he thought would be his. When he spurns her amorous advances, she exacts her revenge by undermining his work and arranging his transfer to a different department. The transfer prevents him from getting stock options which would have made him a wealthy man. Sanders decides to sue for sexual harassment, throwing the merger and his future with the company in jeopardy. Sanders begins to build his case against Johnson with the help of virtual reality technology and a helper known only as "anonymous." In the end, he discovers that he was a pawn in a much larger game of corporate intrigue.

How long, on average, does it take to write one of your books, from initial idea to publication? There is no way to say, it varies so much. THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY was 3 years. SPHERE was 20 years. JURASSIC was 8 years. DISCLOSURE was 5 years. Usually, an idea "cooks" in my head for a very long time before I write it.

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