Who led the expedition into the Congo?
As they reviewed other details of Amy's requirements, Elliot realized that something had happened during the last few hours, almost without knowing it: Amy's unpredictable, dream-driven neurotic behavior was irrelevant; now that she was going on a trip, she was no longer moody and introspective, her interests were growing; she was once again a youthful female gorilla. He found himself wondering whether her dreams, her depression - finger paintings, everything - were a result of her confined laboratory environment for so many years. At first the laboratory had been agreeable, like a crib for young children. But perhaps in later years it pinched. Perhaps, he thought, Amy just needed a little excitement.

-- Congo
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In all of your books there is a character whose name is Levine. Do you use this name for good luck or because it is a friend of yours? I wasn't aware there was always a Levine. One day I went to my eye doctor and he was furious at me. "So," he said, "old Dr. XXX, huh?" I had no idea what he was talking about. Turned out I had used his name in SPHERE as "old doctor" whatever the name was. He was mad.

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