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Global Warming Is Not A Crisis
A debate in New York City
Intelligence² US audience confirms 46.22% to 42.22% in favor of the motion. Speaking for the motion: Michael Crichton, Richard S. Lindzen, Philip Stott Speaking against the motion: Brenda Ekwurzel, Gavin Schmidt, Richard C.J. Somerville Moderator: Brian Lehrer
March 14, 2007

States of Fear: Science or Politics?
Michael discusses Chernobyl, the origins of the novel State of Fear, the language of ecological scare-tactics, the ongoing, 150-year trend toward energy decarbonization, and the concept of "information invalids"-people sickened by bad information.
The Independent Institute
November 15, 2005

Complexity Theory and Environmental Management
In previous speeches, Michael criticized environmental groups for failing to incorporate complexity theory. Here he explains in detail why complexity theory is essential to environmental management, using the history of Yellowstone Park as an example of what not to do.
Washington Center for Complexity and Public Policy
Washington, D.C.
November 6, 2005

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