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Published November 2006
by Harper Collins
Published November 2007
by Harper Collins

Genetic Research And Legislative Needs
While writing Next, Michael concluded that laws covering genetic research desperately needed to be revised, and spoke to Congressional staff members about problems ahead.
A Talk to Legislative Staffers
Washington, D.C.
September 14, 2006

"I don't believe our humanity is at risk, I don't think we are playing God, I don't think any of the fears are justified in terms of what is actually possible. For legislation, I identify four areas of concern: stop patenting genes, revise laws governing tissue collections, require reporting of therapy trials, and don't ban future research."

What I Have Learned From Reactions to My Books
For a conference on "Legal Issues in Next" Michael reviewed the public reaction to his other controversial books over the past forty years, and what he had learned from those reactions.
Conference on the "Legal and Social Issues in Michael Crichton's NEXT"
Chicago, IL
May 21, 2007

"In late May there was a conference in Chicago on "Legal and Ethical Issues raised by Michael Crichton's 'Next.'" This was the first time there had been an academic conference on anything I have written, other than some informal hate-fests after one or another past books. Before the conference, I decided to review what I had learned about writing on controversial subjects over the past forty years. To tell the truth, I hadn't learned much. But the first lesson, I learned very early."

Patenting Life
New York Times
February 2007

Bodysnatchers 2006
Do patients retain any rights over their own tissues donated for research? At the moment, the answer is no.
Wall Street Journal
December 2006

This Essay Breaks the Law
The absurdity of some current patents, especially gene patents.
New York Times
March 2006

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