From Airframe:
"So Mr. Ingram is thinking it over. He has plenty of time to decide what to do. The aircraft is quite stable on autopilot. Let's see what he decides. Ah. He decides to play with his controls. He pulls the slats lever down, then up He's trying to clear the warning. But that doesn't change anything. So. He now realizes he has a system problem on his aircraft. But he remains calm. He's still thinking What will he do? He changes the autopilot params absolutely correct He is still in the nose-up altitude, but now at a more favorable conditions of altitude and speed. He decides to try the slats lever again "

The instructor said, "Should I let him off the hook?"

"Why not?" Felix said." "I believe we have made the point."

The instructor punched a button. The simulator titled back to level.

"And so," Felix said, "Mr. Ingram is restored to normal flight. He makes a note of his problem for the maintenance crews and he continues on his way to London."