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Who manufactured the TPA plane in question?
Jennifer shivered: it was cold inside the airplane, and under fluorescent lights, the rows of empty seats, the long aisles, made it seem even colder. She was faintly shocked when she recognized, in places, the damage she had seen on the videotape. This was where it happened, she thought. This was the plane. There were still bloody footprints on the ceiling. Broken luggage bins. Dented fiberglass panels. And a lingering odor. Even worse, in some place the plastic panels had been pulled off around the windows, so that she could see the naked silver padding, the bundles of wires. It was suddenly all too clear that she was in a big metal machine. She wondered if she had made a mistake, but by then Singleton was gesturing for her to take a seat, right in front of the center cabin, facing a locked-down video camera.

Jennifer sat beside Singleton and waited as one of the Norton technicians, a man in coveralls, tightened the shoulder harness around her body. It was one of those harnesses like the stewardesses wore on regular flights. Two green canvas straps came over each shoulder, meeting at the waist. Then there was another wise canvas strap that went across her thighs. Heavy metal buckles clamped it all in place. It looked serious.

The man in coveralls pulled the straps tight, grunting.

"Jeez," Jennifer said. "Does it have to be that tight?"

"Ma'am, you need it as tight as you can stand it," the man said. "If you can breathe, it's too loose."

-- Airframe
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Was it difficult to research the facts for the story or are you just an aviation expert? No, the research was extremely difficult. But for an unusual reason, I was talking to engineers at the plant and nobody usually talked to them, so...they REALLY wanted to talk! And it was hard to keep them focused on the subject I was trying to do. Very interesting work, for me. But it took a long time.

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