Autographed Books

Note From Michael
Some years ago I established a method to enable fans to get their books signed by me. That opportunity has been abused by booksellers. Today I had a "fan" ask me to sign his personal collection, which included five copies of "The Great Train Robbery."

Therefore, in future I will only personalize books to individuals. If you want a book signed to you, or your grandchild, or parent, I'll be happy to do so. But "Signature only" requests will be returned.

For personalized books, please follow these very important steps:

1. Please include a return address label. Print or type clearly.

2. Please include the appropriate return postage. DO NOT SEND CASH. Please use stamps ONLY. If you do not include return postage, your books can not be returned to you.

3. Please note that Michael's schedule is such that he may not be able to sign and return your books for some time. Due to the heavy volume of requests, the average wait time is 4-6 months -- but it could be even longer. (We understand many of you want to give these as gifts, but we absolutely can not guarantee the return date.)

Once you have followed the above steps, please mail to the following address:

Michael Crichton
2118 Wilshire Boulevard, #433
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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